Algebraic Expressions and Algebraic Formulas Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 2 PDF Download

Learn algebraic expressions and algebraic formulas multiple choice questions, grade 9 math online test 2 for high school degree online courses, distance learning for exam prep. Practice surds and applications multiple choice questions (MCQs), algebraic expressions and algebraic formulas quiz questions and answers for math class for online math practice courses distance learning.

Study high school math multiple choice questions (MCQs): every surd is a/an, for free online courses with choices rational number, irrational number, equation, and coefficient, surds and applications quiz for online mock tests, competitive exams questions and answers after reading theory and textbooks. Free math study guide for online learning surds and applications quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Algebraic Expressions and Algebraic Formulas Worksheets 2 Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Every surd is a/an

  1. irrational number
  2. rational number
  3. equation
  4. coefficient


MCQ: An irrational radical with rational radicand is called

  1. equation
  2. sentence
  3. formula
  4. surd


MCQ: Quotient p(x)⁄q(x) of two polynomials p(x) and q(x), where q(x)≠0 is called

  1. rational expression
  2. irrational expression
  3. polynomial
  4. coefficient


MCQ: P(x)⁄q(x) + r(s)⁄s(x) = p(x) s(x) + q(x) r(x) ⁄q(x) s(x) is called

  1. property of equality
  2. property of division
  3. property of addition
  4. property of multiplication


MCQ: √6 + √2 is an example Pricele of

  1. monomial surd
  2. trinomial surd
  3. binomial surd
  4. conjugate surd