Types of Pronouns Multiple Choice Questions 4 PDF Download

Practice types of pronouns MCQs, grade 9 online english 4, pronoun multiple choice questions with answers as which is the demonstrative pronoun in the sentences "this is the defects of my planning that caused my failure.", below. Study to learn pronoun quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Types of Pronouns - Quiz 4

MCQ: Which is demonstrative pronoun in sentences "This is defects of my planning that caused my failure."

  1. this
  2. my
  3. that
  4. is


MCQ: Which is reciprocal pronoun in sentence "teacher asked student, they should help each other in solving questions."

  1. they
  2. in
  3. the
  4. each other


MCQ: Which is reflexive pronoun in sentence "We injured ourselves in cricket match, we tried to win but could not."

  1. we
  2. but
  3. to
  4. ourselves


MCQ: Which is subject pronoun in sentence "Make sure you are picking up every thing. You must be careful."

  1. you
  2. must
  3. be
  4. are


MCQ: Which is subjective pronoun in sentence "Whenever he wins a game, he rings a victory bell."

  1. whenever
  2. her
  3. a
  4. bell