Examples of Nouns Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 6 PDF Download

Study examples of nouns multiple choice questions, grade 9 online english 6, nouns multiple choice questions with answers as he was amazed by the beauty of the valley. (which word is an abstract noun?), below. Free assessment test for online study nouns quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Examples of Nouns - Quiz 6

MCQ: He was amazed by beauty of valley. (Which word is an abstract noun?)

  1. amazed
  2. valley
  3. was
  4. beauty


MCQ: On every Saturday, I like to spend my time with my friend Ali. (Which word is a proper noun?)

  1. time
  2. Ali
  3. friend
  4. my


MCQ: Girl had a football in her hands. (Which word is a plural noun?)

  1. girl
  2. had
  3. hands
  4. football


MCQ: Women's intelligence and hard work cannot be hidden. (Which word is a plural possessive noun?)

  1. intelligence
  2. women's
  3. hard work
  4. hidden


MCQ: Majority of people refused new order. (Which word is a collective noun?)

  1. order
  2. people
  3. majority
  4. refused