English Verbs Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 2 PDF Download

Study english verbs multiple choice questions, grade 9 online english 2, verbs multiple choice questions with answers as i ____________ really sick of his lame excuses, which i hate to listen., below. Free assessment test for online study verbs quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on English Verbs - Quiz 2

MCQ: I ____________ really sick of his lame excuses, which I hate to listen.

  1. were
  2. are
  3. can
  4. am


MCQ: ____________ you copy out these poems in good handwriting?

  1. is
  2. can
  3. was
  4. might


MCQ: I checked my bag, hoping to ____________ my money but did not.

  1. got
  2. gets
  3. get
  4. getting


MCQ: Although life is difficult, but we ____________ need to be positive and hopeful.

  1. can
  2. should
  3. been
  4. being


MCQ: She should ____________ in library now.

  1. be
  2. been
  3. being
  4. must