Structure of Atoms Multiple Choice Questions 1 PDF Download

Learn structure of atoms MCQs, grade 9 chemistry test 1 for online learning courses and test prep, electronic configuration multiple choice questions and answers. Electronic configuration revision test includes chemistry worksheets to learn for online chemicals courses distance learning.

Chemistry multiple choice questions (MCQ): if n = 3 we are in with options l shell, k shell, m shell and f shell, electronic configuration quiz with eBooks online to download for problem-solving skills for charter school and high school students. Free chemistry study guide to learn electronic configuration quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Structure of Atoms Quiz PDF Download Worksheets 1

MCQ: If n = 3 we are in

  1. K shell
  2. L shell
  3. M shell
  4. f shell


MCQ: Water that contains H-2 atoms is called

  1. heavy water
  2. light water
  3. water
  4. none of above


MCQ: Electron revolves around nucleus in orbits which have

  1. variable energy
  2. fixed energy
  3. infinite energy
  4. zero energy


MCQ: In Rutherford's experiment, α particles were deflected because of

  1. electrostatic repulsion between α particles and positively charged part of atom
  2. electrostatic attraction between α particles and positively charged part of atom
  3. electrostatic repulsion between β particles and positively charged part of atom
  4. electrostatic attraction between γ particles and positively charged part of atom


MCQ: Energy of an electron in orbit is proportional to

  1. distance between shells
  2. distance from nucleus
  3. distance between two nuclei
  4. positive charge inside nucleus