Solutions Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 5 PDF Online Download

Practice solutions Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), solutions quiz answers, test prep 5 to learn secondary school chemistry for online certificate programs. Saturated unsaturated supersaturated and dilution of solution MCQs, solutions quiz questions and answers for online certificate courses. Learn concentration units, solutions suspension and colloids, solubility, types of solutions test prep for virtual online school.

Learn chemistry MCQs: concentration of solution is the, with choices quantity of solute in given solvent, quantity of solvent in solute, unit to measure concentration, and quantity of gas dissolved in liquid for online certificate courses. Free chemistry study guide for online learning saturated unsaturated supersaturated and dilution of solution quiz questions for online education programs.

Solutions MCQs Quiz 5 PDF Online Download

MCQ: Concentration of solution is the

  1. quantity of solvent in solute
  2. quantity of solute in given solvent
  3. unit to measure concentration
  4. quantity of gas dissolved in liquid


MCQ: Colloids can

  1. scatter light
  2. not scatter light
  3. absorb heat
  4. evolve heat


MCQ: When NaCl is dissolved in water, negative end of water molecules is attracted towards

  1. Cl
  2. H
  3. He
  4. Na


MCQ: Solutions that contain solid solutes in liquid solvents are called

  1. liquids in solids
  2. solids in liquids
  3. solids in solids
  4. solids in gas


MCQ: Solubility of Na2SO4

  1. increases with increase in temperature
  2. decreases with increase in temperature
  3. no effect on solubility with change in temperature
  4. none of above