Physical States of Matter Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 5 PDF Download

Learn physical states of matter multiple choice questions, grade 9 chemistry online test 5 for high school degree online courses, distance learning for exam prep. Practice typical properties multiple choice questions (MCQs), physical states of matter quiz questions and answers for chemistry class for online nuclear chemistry courses distance learning.

Study high school chemistry multiple choice questions (MCQs): as molecular mass of gasses increases their density, for free online courses with choices increases, decreases, remains unchanged, and none of above, typical properties quiz with online competency based interview questions and answers to answer during teachers jobs' tests. Free chemistry study guide for online learning typical properties quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Physical States of Matter Worksheets 5 Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: As molecular mass of gasses increases their density

  1. decreases
  2. increases
  3. remains unchanged
  4. none of above


MCQ: Position of liquid molecules are

  1. fixed
  2. not fixed
  3. not sliding
  4. none of above


MCQ: On applying pressure volume of gas

  1. increases
  2. remains same
  3. becomes double
  4. decreases


MCQ: Boiling point is temperature at which

  1. vapor pressure is more than external pressure
  2. Vapor pressure is less than external pressure
  3. Vapor pressure is not related to external pressure
  4. Vapor pressure is equal to external pressure


MCQ: In pressure cooker pressure applied is

  1. 1 atm
  2. 2 atm
  3. 3 atm
  4. 4 atm