Transport Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 26 PDF Download

Learn transport MCQs, grade 9 biology test 26 for online learning courses and test prep. Transport transpiration multiple choice questions (MCQs), transport quiz questions and answers include biology worksheets for online cell biology courses distance learning.

Biology multiple choice questions (MCQ): loss of water through evaporation from surface of plants is called with options water uptake, transpiration, food uptake and mesophyll uptake, transport transpiration quiz with online basic interview questions and answers for online e-learning competitive exams preparation. Free biology study guide to learn transport transpiration quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Transport Worksheets 26 Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Loss of water through evaporation from surface of plants is called

  1. transpiration
  2. water uptake
  3. food uptake
  4. mesophyll uptake


MCQ: B and T lymphocytes and monocytes are classified as kind of

  1. granulocytes
  2. agranulocytes
  3. megakaryocytes
  4. thrombocytes


MCQ: Disease in which cholesterol and fatty materials accumulates in wall of arteries is

  1. diabetic syndrome
  2. tuberculosis
  3. arteriosclerosis
  4. atherosclerosis


MCQ: B and T lymphocytes produced by agranulocytes are responsible for

  1. production of water
  2. production of antibodies
  3. production of fibrinogen
  4. production of albumin


MCQ: Blood received by heart is

  1. oxygenated blood
  2. deoxygenated blood
  3. degenerated blood
  4. clotted blood