Transport Multiple Choice Questions 11 PDF Download

Learn transport MCQs, grade 9 biology test 11 for online learning courses and test prep, opening and closing of stomata multiple choice questions and answers. Opening and closing of stomata revision test includes biology worksheets to learn for online biological science courses distance learning.

Biology multiple choice questions (MCQ): inner side of guard cells is with choices straight, rough, concave and convex, opening and closing of stomata quiz with online biology quizzes for class 9 biology practice student guide for high school students education. Free biology study guide to learn opening and closing of stomata quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Transport Quiz PDF Download Worksheets 11

MCQ: Inner side of guard cells is

  1. rough
  2. straight
  3. concave
  4. convex


MCQ: Area of plants for storage or active metabolism is called

  1. sinks
  2. epidermis
  3. links
  4. sources


MCQ: Aorta is divided into common iliac arteries that includes

  1. hepatic iliac artery
  2. internal iliac artery
  3. external iliac artery
  4. both b and c


MCQ: Person having antigen B on surface of RBCs has

  1. blood group B
  2. blood group A
  3. blood group O
  4. blood group AB


MCQ: Ventricle of heart which has most of thickest wall is

  1. lower ventricle
  2. upper ventricle
  3. right ventricle
  4. left ventricle