Introduction to Biology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 10 PDF Download

Introduction to biology multiple choice questions, learn grade 9 biology online test prep 10 for high school online courses, distance learning for exam prep. Practice levels of organization multiple choice questions (MCQs), introduction to biology quiz questions and answers for biology class for online biochemistry courses distance learning.

Study high school biology multiple choice questions (MCQs): organisms having limited number and types of organelles are known as, for free online courses with choices eukaryotes, prokaryotes, protist, and unicellular, levels of organization quiz for teachers on net with online teaching resources for biology teachers with biology practice. Free biology study guide for online learning levels of organization quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Introduction to Biology Worksheets 10 Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Organisms having limited number and types of organelles are known as

  1. prokaryotes
  2. eukaryotes
  3. protist
  4. unicellular


MCQ: In word atom, 'tom' stand for

  1. cut
  2. indivisible
  3. infinite
  4. break


MCQ: Organisms in which one cell is responsible for life of organism are called

  1. biotic organisms
  2. abiotic organisms
  3. unicellular organisms
  4. multicellular organisms


MCQ: Branch of biology which deals with study of plants is called

  1. zoology
  2. botany
  3. microbiology
  4. biotechnology


MCQ: First Muslim scientist who studied in animals in detail is

  1. Jabir - bin hayan
  2. Abdul Malik Asmai
  3. Bu Ali Sina
  4. Aristotle