Introduction to Biology MCQs Questions and Answers 24 PDF Download

Introduction to biology MCQs, introduction to biology quiz answers pdf, test prep 24 to study secondary school biology for online certificate courses. Practice "levels of organization" Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), introduction to biology quiz questions and answers for school certificate. Learn introduction to biology test prep for online secondary school classes.

"The name of the scientist who studied animals in detail is" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) on introduction to biology with choices abdul malik asmai, al khwarizmi, bu ali sina, and ibn al haithem for school certificate. Free biology study guide for online learning levels of organization quiz questions for online education.

Introduction to Biology MCQs Quiz 24 PDF Download

MCQ: The name of the scientist who studied animals in detail is

  1. Al Khwarizmi
  2. Abdul Malik Asmai
  3. Bu Ali Sina
  4. Ibn al Haithem


MCQ: According to Muslims, the human being was made from

  1. clay
  2. fire
  3. blood clot
  4. semen


MCQ: The branch of biology which deals with the tissues is called

  1. parasitology
  2. pharmacology
  3. histology
  4. entomology


MCQ: Food, crops, and animals which are a source of food are dealt with in the profession

  1. farming
  2. agriculture
  3. animal husbandry
  4. fisheries


MCQ: The level of biological organization considers

  1. individual and population level
  2. tissue and cell level
  3. molecular and atomic level
  4. all of above