Cells and Tissues Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 42 PDF Book Download

Cells and tissues MCQ, cells and tissues quiz answers 42 to learn secondary school biology online courses. Light and electron microscopy multiple choice questions (MCQs), cells and tissues quiz questions and answers for online secondary education degree. Light and electron microscopy, meristems, permanent tissues test for secondary school teaching certification.

Learn high school biology MCQs: Light and electron microscopy, meristems, permanent tissues, with choices rate of blood diffusion, rate of blood infusion, rate of absorption, and growth of parts of plants for online secondary education degree. Free biology study guide for online learning light and electron microscopy quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQ on Cells and Tissues Worksheets 42 PDF Book Download

MCQ: In electron microscope, lenses that focuses image onto screen is called

  1. electron lenses
  2. neutron lenses
  3. light lenses
  4. electromagnetic lenses


MCQ: Division of lateral meristems leads to increase in

  1. rate of blood infusion
  2. rate of blood diffusion
  3. rate of absorption
  4. growth of parts of plants


MCQ: Collenchymas tissues are found in

  1. petals of flowers
  2. midribs of leaves
  3. cortex of young stems
  4. all of above


MCQ: Cells that are found in plants abundantly are

  1. xylem cells
  2. sclerenchyma cells
  3. collenchymas cells
  4. parenchyma cells


MCQ: Considering parts of plants except leaves, site of protein synthesis and respiration are called

  1. epidermis
  2. mesophyll
  3. chlorophyll
  4. none of the above