Cells and Tissues Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 28 PDF Download

Cells and tissues multiple choice questions (MCQs), cells and tissues test prep 28 to learn online secondary school courses, distance learning for exam prep. Practice compound tissues multiple choice questions (MCQs), cells and tissues quiz questions and answers for biology class for online immunology courses distance learning.

Study high school biology multiple choice questions (MCQs): thick secondary cell walls are also known as, for for online secondary education degree with options lateral elements, vascular elements, epidermal elements, and vessel elements, compound tissues quiz with online competency based interview questions and answers to answer during teachers jobs' tests. Free biology study guide for online learning compound tissues quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQ on Cells and Tissues Worksheets 28 Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Thick secondary cell walls are also known as

  1. vascular elements
  2. lateral elements
  3. epidermal elements
  4. vessel elements


MCQ: Skeletal muscles are also known as

  1. striated muscles
  2. impulsive muscles
  3. reflexive muscles
  4. adipose muscles


MCQ: Examples of compound tissues includes

  1. nervous and connective tissues
  2. phloem and xylem tissues
  3. support and ground tissues
  4. epithelial and muscle tissues


MCQ: Movement of molecules to higher concentration area from low concentration area is called

  1. isotonic transport
  2. active transport
  3. passive transport
  4. hypotonic transport


MCQ: Name of British scientist who described cells for very first time is

  1. David Baltimore
  2. James Watson
  3. Robert Hooke
  4. Antonnie Leeuwenhoek