Cells and Tissues Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 2 PDF Download

Learn cells and tissues MCQs, grade 9 biology test 2 for online learning courses and test prep. Cell organelles multiple choice questions (MCQs), cells and tissues quiz questions and answers include biology worksheets for online biology lab courses distance learning.

Biology multiple choice questions (MCQ): ribosomes are composed of with options rena, rpna, rrna and rdna, cell organelles quiz for online competitive tests preparation for secondary school admission and high school admission. Free biology study guide to learn cell organelles quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Cells and Tissues Worksheets 2 Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Ribosomes are composed of

  1. rPNA
  2. rENA
  3. rRNA
  4. rDNA


MCQ: Relative concentration of solute in particular solution in classified as

  1. hypotonic
  2. turgidity
  3. tonicity
  4. hypertonic


MCQ: Thylakoid stack present in plastids is known as

  1. glycogen
  2. granum
  3. nucleolus
  4. ribosomes


MCQ: Working principle in a light microscope is using

  1. UV light
  2. visible light
  3. spectrum light
  4. white light


MCQ: Electrons of Scanning Electron Microscope are reflected through

  1. glass funnel
  2. specimen
  3. metal-coated surfaces
  4. vacuum chamber