Cells and Tissues Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 9 PDF Download

Cells and tissues Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), cells and tissues quiz answers pdf, test prep 9 to study secondary school biology for online degree courses. Practice "meristems" MCQs, cells and tissues quiz questions and answers for online education. Learn cell organelles, permanent tissues, microscopy and cell theory, cell size and ratio test prep for taking online classes.

"The cells that consists of chloroplasts are involved in" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) on cells and tissues with choices diffusion, osmosis, metabolism, and photosynthesis for online education. Free biology study guide for online learning meristems quiz questions for online school and college.

Cells and Tissues MCQs Quiz 9 PDF Download

MCQ: The cells that consists of chloroplasts are involved in

  1. osmosis
  2. diffusion
  3. metabolism
  4. photosynthesis


MCQ: The type of support tissues that consists of uneven thickened primary walls with elongated cells is called

  1. collenchyma's tissues
  2. phloem tissues
  3. xylem tissues
  4. parenchyma tissues


MCQ: In eukaryotic cells, the ribosomes are

  1. smaller
  2. larger
  3. absent
  4. cubical form


MCQ: The object and the lens is placed in the

  1. vacuum chamber
  2. electron gun
  3. projector
  4. all of above


MCQ: The cells that transmits the messages between different body parts are

  1. lengthy nerve cells
  2. long muscle cells
  3. platelets
  4. red blood cells