Cell Cycle Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 9 PDF Book Download

Cell cycle MCQs, cell cycle quiz answers 9 to learn secondary education online courses. What is mitosis multiple choice questions (MCQs), cell cycle quiz questions and answers for for online secondary education degree. What is mitosis, significance of mitosis, chromosomes test for secondary school teaching certification.

Learn high school biology multiple choice questions (MCQs): What is mitosis, significance of mitosis, chromosomes, with choices cleavage, vessel elements, chromatin elements, and mitotic elements for online secondary education degree. Free biology study guide for online learning what is mitosis quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQ on Cell Cycle Worksheets 9 PDF Book Download

MCQ: Number of kinetochores fibers in metaphase that are attached to poles of chromosomes are

  1. eight
  2. four
  3. two
  4. ten


MCQ: Process by which cytokinesis occurs in animal cells is called

  1. vessel elements
  2. cleavage
  3. chromatin elements
  4. mitotic elements


MCQ: Cells of malignant tumors are classified as

  1. cancer cells
  2. fission cells
  3. bud cells
  4. insulated cells


MCQ: Part of body in which sloughed cells are replaced by new cells is

  1. kidneys and lungs
  2. wind pipe
  3. esophagus
  4. digestive tract


MCQ: Chromosomes are arranged along cell equator to form

  1. metaphase plate
  2. anaphase plate
  3. telophase plate
  4. prophase plate