Cell Cycle Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 24 PDF Download

Cell cycle multiple choice questions (MCQs), cell cycle test prep 24 to learn online secondary school courses, distance learning for exam prep. Practice cell cycle multiple choice questions (MCQs), cell cycle quiz questions and answers for biology class for online branches of science courses distance learning.

Study high school biology multiple choice questions (MCQs): phase in which cells stops dividing permanently and temporarily is called, for for online secondary education degree with options g4 phase, g2 phase, g1 phase, and g0 phase, cell cycle quiz for 9th grade school students for online learning 9th grade biology worksheets. Free biology study guide for online learning cell cycle quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQ on Cell Cycle Worksheets 24 Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Phase in which cells stops dividing permanently and temporarily is called

  1. G2 phase
  2. G4 phase
  3. G1 phase
  4. G0 phase


MCQ: Meiosis in diploid gamete-mother cells leads to production of

  1. diploid daughter chromatin
  2. haploid sister chromatin
  3. haploid gametes
  4. diploid gametes


MCQ: During G2 phase, inhibition of protein synthesis prevents cells from

  1. undergoing S phase
  2. undergoing mitosis
  3. undergoing meiosis
  4. undergoing anaphase


MCQ: In metaphase II, spindle fiber of kinetochores are align at

  1. equator of chromatin
  2. equator of nucleus
  3. equator of cell
  4. equator of chromosome


MCQ: Cleavage furrow develops at place of

  1. telophase plate
  2. prophase plate
  3. metaphase plate
  4. anaphase plate