Bioenergetics Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 1 PDF Online Download

Practice bioenergetics Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), bioenergetics quiz answers, test prep 1 to learn secondary school biology for online certificate programs. Atp cells energy currency MCQs, bioenergetics quiz questions and answers for virtual secondary school. Learn atp cells energy currency, mechanism of photosynthesis, limiting factors of photosynthesis, pyruvic acid test prep for online study.

Learn biology MCQs: if left hand side of chemical equation is adp + water then right hand side of that chemical equation is equal to, with choices apm + mi + energy, amp + pi + energy, bmp + bi + energy, and tda + ti + energy for virtual secondary school. Free biology study guide for online learning atp cells energy currency quiz questions for secondary school graduation certificate.

Bioenergetics MCQs Quiz 1 PDF Online Download

MCQ: If left hand side of chemical equation is ADP + water then right hand side of that chemical equation is equal to

  1. AMP + Pi + energy
  2. APM + Mi + energy
  3. BMP + Bi + energy
  4. TDA + Ti + energy


MCQ: Major source of energy to perform cellular functions such as exocytosis, endocytosis, movement and transmission of nerve impulses is

  1. ATP
  2. BTP
  3. PTA
  4. APT


MCQ: Summarized details of dark reactions are also known as

  1. Daniel cycle
  2. Ernst cycle
  3. Calvin cycle
  4. Karl cycle


MCQ: Rate of photosynthesis increases with the

  1. increase in hydrogen
  2. increase in nitrogen
  3. increase in carbon dioxide
  4. increase in oxygen


MCQ: In anaerobic respiration, pyruvic acid is not oxidized completely and turns into

  1. ethane
  2. methyl alcohol
  3. methane
  4. ethyl alcohol