Biodiversity Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 30 PDF Book Download

Biodiversity MCQs, biodiversity quiz answers 30 to learn secondary education online courses. Five kingdom multiple choice questions (MCQs), biodiversity quiz questions and answers for for online secondary education degree. Classification system, five kingdom, biodiversity classification test for secondary school teaching certification.

Learn high school biology multiple choice questions (MCQs): Classification system, five kingdom, biodiversity classification, with choices chlorophyll ions, prions, heterotrophs ions, and autotrophs ions for online secondary education degree. Free biology study guide for online learning five kingdom quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQ on Biodiversity Worksheets 30 PDF Book Download

MCQ: Euglena is considered as plant because of presence of

  1. chloroplasts and cell wall
  2. stems and leaves
  3. roots and shoots
  4. chlorophyll


MCQ: Infectious particles made up of circular RNA only and can cause diseases in certain plants are called

  1. prions
  2. chlorophyll ions
  3. heterotrophs ions
  4. autotrophs ions


MCQ: Scientist Andrea Caesalpino divided plants in fifteen groups and classified as each group as

  1. taxon
  2. phylum
  3. taxa
  4. genera


MCQ: Fungi feed on

  1. organic material
  2. inorganic material
  3. dead plants
  4. dead animals


MCQ: Class name to which pea plant belongs is

  1. magnoliopsida
  2. araneae
  3. diplura
  4. dermaptera