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Grade 8 Science MCQs with Answers PDF Download

Following exam preparation worksheets include multiple choice questions (MCQ) and answers based quizzes for online learning on grade 8 science including topics listed alphabetically as:

Chapter 5: Light MCQs 67 Questions

Grade 8 Science Topics for MCQs

The topics covered for grade 8 science questions answers are as:

  1. Sedimentary Rocks
  2. Light Colors
  3. Metamorphic Rocks
  4. Micro-organisms and Viruses
  5. Habitat Population and Community
  6. How are Rocks Made
  7. Weathering of Rocks
  8. Nutrients in Food
  9. Igneous Rocks
  10. Reflection of Light
  11. Respiration and Breathing
  12. Temperature and Heat
  13. Transport in Human Beings
  14. Pitch and Loudness
  15. Nature of Light
  16. Heat Transfer
  17. Human Activities and Ecosystem
  18. Human Digestive System
  19. Decomposers
  20. Conserving Environment
  21. Digestion
  22. What Are Micro-organisms
  23. Food Chains and Webs
  24. Magnets and Magnetic Materials
  25. Energy Value of Food
  26. Weathered Pieces of Rocks
  27. Effects of Heat Gain and Loss
  28. Sediments and Layers
  29. Micro Organisms
  30. Hearing Sounds
  31. Light Shadows
  32. Rock Cycle
  33. Balanced Diet
  34. Energy Transfer in Food Chain
  35. Uses of Magnets
  36. Making a Magnet
  37. Magnetic Field