Micro Organisms and Diseases Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 6 PDF Book Download

Micro organisms and diseases MCQs, micro organisms and diseases quiz answers 6 to learn elementary education online courses. Practice micro-organisms and viruses multiple choice questions (MCQs), micro organisms and diseases quiz questions and answers for science class. Free e-learning tutorial on micro organisms, micro-organisms and viruses test prep for elementary school teaching certification.

Study elementary school science multiple choice questions (MCQs): micro organisms, micro-organisms and viruses, with choices bacterial, viral, fungal, and yeast for online elementary education degree. Free science study guide for online learning micro-organisms and viruses quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQ on Micro Organisms and Diseases Worksheets 6 PDF Book Download

MCQ: First antibiotic which was discovered by

  1. Alexander Fleming
  2. Lewis
  3. Thomson
  4. Lois Pasteur


MCQ: Penicillium is used to treat infections which are

  1. viral
  2. bacterial
  3. fungal
  4. yeast


MCQ: Permanent damage to skin, nerves, limbs and eyes if they are left untreated occurs in

  1. leprosy
  2. typhoid
  3. cholera
  4. rubella


MCQ: An infection which is characterized by ringed shaped itchy and scaly patches on skin is called

  1. ringworm
  2. leprosy
  3. mildew
  4. rust


MCQ: Fungal infections in plants includes

  1. rust
  2. mildew
  3. blight
  4. all of them