Food and Digestion Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 16 PDF Download

Food and digestion multiple choice questions, learn grade 8 science online test prep 16 for elementary school online courses, distance learning for exam prep. Practice nutrients in food multiple choice questions (MCQs), food and digestion quiz questions and answers for science class for eighth grade science review worksheets.

Study elementary school science multiple choice questions (MCQs): compounds which are made up of elements carbon, hydrogen and oxygen are called, for free online courses with choices vitamins, starch, carbohydrates, and sugar, nutrients in food quiz with classroom questions and answers for students with pdf download eBooks. Free science study guide for online learning nutrients in food quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Food and Digestion Worksheets 16 Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Compounds which are made up of elements carbon, hydrogen and oxygen are called

  1. starch
  2. vitamins
  3. carbohydrates
  4. sugar


MCQ: In composition of fats proportion of oxygen as compare to hydrogen is

  1. less
  2. more
  3. equal
  4. sufficient


MCQ: Glucose and Fructose are

  1. simple sugars
  2. complex sugars
  3. refined sugar
  4. sugarcane