Food and Digestion Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 8 PDF Book Download

Food and digestion multiple choice questions and answers (MCQs), food and digestion quiz answers, test prep 8 to learn elementary school science for online certificate programs. Nutrients in food MCQs, food and digestion quiz questions and answers for distance learning. Learn digestion, human digestive system, balanced diet test prep for free online courses.

Learn elementary school science MCQs: digestion, human digestive system, balanced diet, with choices grinding, cutting, crushing, and ingesting for distance learning. Free science study guide for online learning nutrients in food quiz questions to attempt multiple choice test for online education programs.

MCQs on Food and Digestion Worksheets 8 PDF Book Download

MCQ: Conversion of large molecules in to small molecules by chemical reactions involvement is called

  1. physical digestion
  2. chemical digestion
  3. assimilation
  4. elimination


MCQ: Molar teeth help in food

  1. cutting
  2. grinding
  3. crushing
  4. ingesting


MCQ: Bile is produced by

  1. liver
  2. pancreas
  3. gall bladder
  4. stomach


MCQ: According to food guide pyramid fats oils and sweets should be used

  1. 2-3 servings
  2. frequently
  3. sparingly
  4. 2-4 servings


MCQ: Involuntary wave like movement of esophagus is called

  1. peristalsis
  2. anti peristalsis
  3. clockwise
  4. pushing