Volcanic Eruptions Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 9 PDF Download

Volcanic eruptions multiple choice questions, learn grade 8 geography online test prep 9 for elementary school online courses, distance learning for exam prep. Practice volcanism multiple choice questions (MCQs), volcanic eruptions quiz questions and answers for geography class for online chemical weathering courses distance learning.

Study elementary school geography multiple choice questions (MCQs): at boundary, oceanic plates diverge leaving, for free online courses with choices sand, a gap, ocean bed, and plate lefts, volcanism quiz with online student portal questions to ask to help in teaching methods and teaching strategies. Free geography study guide for online learning volcanism quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Volcanic Eruptions Worksheets 9 Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: At boundary, oceanic plates diverge leaving

  1. a gap
  2. sand
  3. ocean bed
  4. plate lefts


MCQ: Composite Lava Volcano is also known as

  1. cinder volcano
  2. ash volcano
  3. pyroclastic volcano
  4. ash and cinder cone volcano


MCQ: An example of mid-oceanic ridge is the

  1. mid-arctic ridge
  2. mid-Asian ridge
  3. mid-European ridge
  4. mid-Atlantic ridge


MCQ: When liquid is highly viscous, it means there is more resistance to its

  1. conductivity
  2. flow
  3. insulation
  4. hardness


MCQ: Mid-Atlantic ridge is so tall that it actually rises above sea in many places forming

  1. icy islands
  2. ice lands
  3. volcanic islands
  4. rocky islands