Volcanic Eruptions Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 7 PDF Book Download

Volcanic eruptions multiple choice questions (MCQs), volcanic eruptions quiz answers, test prep 7 to learn elementary school geography for online certificate programs. Volcanism MCQs, volcanic eruptions quiz questions and answers for online courses. Learn volcanism, volcanoes test prep for online classes.

Learn elementary school geography MCQs: volcanism, volcanoes, with choices more light than acid lava, more viscous than acid lava, less viscous than acid lava, and less dense than acid lava for online courses. Free geography study guide for online learning volcanism quiz questions to attempt multiple choice test for free online courses.

MCQs on Volcanic Eruptions Worksheets 7 PDF Book Download

MCQ: Iceland, one of world's largest islands, sits on northern crest of the

  1. western ridge
  2. eastern ridge
  3. mid-Atlantic ridge
  4. mid-oceanic ridge


MCQ: Due to less amount of silica, basic lava is

  1. more viscous than acid lava
  2. more light than acid lava
  3. less viscous than acid lava
  4. less dense than acid lava


MCQ: Sticky or viscous lava does not allow gases trapped in volcano to

  1. escape
  2. spread
  3. condense
  4. heat up


MCQ: Top of magma is forced onto Earth's surface is known as

  1. Vent
  2. Cone
  3. Pipe
  4. Crater


MCQ: Volcano that forms from column of magma is called a/an

  1. underwater volcano
  2. convergent volcano
  3. divergent volcano
  4. hot spot volcano