Plate Tectonics Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 5 PDF Book Download

Plate tectonics MCQs, plate tectonics quiz answers 5 to learn elementary education online courses. Practice plate tectonics and movement multiple choice questions (MCQs), plate tectonics quiz questions and answers for geography class. Free e-learning tutorial on plate tectonics and movement test prep for elementary school teaching certification.

Study elementary school geography multiple choice questions (MCQs): plate tectonics and movement, with choices plate', moveable', layer', and a builder' for online elementary education degree. Free geography study guide for online learning plate tectonics and movement quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQ on Plate Tectonics Worksheets 5 PDF Book Download

MCQ: South American Plate is a/an

  1. Oceanic Plate
  2. Continental Plate
  3. Aquatic Plate
  4. Mantle Plate


MCQ: Greek word 'Teton' means

  1. moveable'
  2. plate'
  3. layer'
  4. a builder'


MCQ: Boundary where magma rises to surface is known as

  1. obstructive plate boundary
  2. constructive plate boundary
  3. destructive plate boundary
  4. seductive plate boundary


MCQ: Under land of California, two plates that move in transformation are

  1. Indo-Australian and North American Plate
  2. South American and North American Plate
  3. Eurasian and American Plate
  4. Pacific and North American Plate


MCQ: Due to there low density, Continental Plates rest

  1. lower in the mantle
  2. higher on the crust
  3. higher on the mantle
  4. higher on the core