Plate Tectonics Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 1 PDF Book Download

Plate tectonics multiple choice questions (MCQs), plate tectonics quiz answers, test prep 1 to learn online elementary school courses for geography degree. Plate tectonics and movement MCQs, plate tectonics quiz questions and answers for online elementary education degree. Learn plate tectonics and movement, oceanic plates test prep for elementary school teaching certification.

Learn elementary school geography MCQs: plate tectonics and movement, oceanic plates, with choices lava, molten mantle, mantle, and core magma for online elementary education degree. Free geography study guide for online learning plate tectonics and movement quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Plate Tectonics Worksheets 1 PDF Book Download

MCQ: At boundaries where magma rises to surfaces, ridges are formed on the

  1. ocean beds
  2. land
  3. rocks
  4. settled sand


MCQ: When heated Magma flow onto Earth's surface through fracture, cracks and volcanoes, it is known as

  1. molten mantle
  2. lava
  3. mantle
  4. core magma


MCQ: Continental Plates are

  1. thinner than Oceanic Plates
  2. thicker than Oceanic Plates
  3. equal in thickness to Oceanic Plates


MCQ: Oceanic Plates form the

  1. countries
  2. sea beds
  3. continents
  4. islands


MCQ: Magma is generally made up of

  1. molten metals
  2. molten sand
  3. molten rocks
  4. boiling water