Folds and Faults Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 9 PDF Download

Folds and faults multiple choice questions (MCQs), folds and faults test prep 9 to learn online elementary school courses, distance learning for exam prep. Practice fold mountain range multiple choice questions (MCQs), folds and faults quiz questions and answers for geography class for online geography degree courses distance learning.

Study elementary school geography multiple choice questions (MCQs): example of fold mountain range in southern america is, for online elementary education degree with options alps, andes, rock mountains, and himalayas, fold mountain range quiz with online assessment portal for middle school, elementary school and high school students. Free geography study guide for online learning fold mountain range quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQ on Folds and Faults Worksheets 9 Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: An example of fold mountain range in Southern America is

  1. Andes
  2. Alps
  3. Rock Mountains
  4. Himalayas


MCQ: When rock layers bend downwards, they form a

  1. limbs
  2. syncline
  3. anticline
  4. cliff


MCQ: Rocks under compressional force are

  1. pushed apart
  2. crushed
  3. transformed
  4. diverged


MCQ: Rift valleys and block mountains are landforms that are formed by

  1. folding
  2. faulting
  3. displacement
  4. collision


MCQ: Faulting takes place when rocks within Earth's crust form

  1. water spaces
  2. mountains
  3. asymmetrical mountains
  4. cracks