Solutions Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 13 PDF Download

Solutions multiple choice questions (MCQs), solutions test prep 13 to learn online elementary school courses, distance learning for exam prep. Practice acids and alkalis multiple choice questions (MCQs), solutions quiz questions and answers for science class for 7th grade science test prep.

Study elementary school science multiple choice questions (MCQs): dyes of 'litmus' are made from, for online elementary education degree with options lichens, rhizoids, mycorrhizae, and algae, acids and alkalis quiz with online free learning portal for viva voce, practice tests and online competitive exam preparation. Free science study guide for online learning acids and alkalis quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQ on Solutions Worksheets 13 Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Dyes of 'litmus' are made from

  1. rhizoids
  2. lichens
  3. mycorrhizae
  4. algae


MCQ: Antacids that are used for treating indigestion contain

  1. potassium hydroxide
  2. sodium hydroxide
  3. magnesium carbonate
  4. magnesium hydroxide


MCQ: Plants absorb mineral salt and fertilizers which are dissolved in

  1. air
  2. soil
  3. water
  4. leaves


MCQ: An important factor on which solubility depends, is nature of

  1. solvent
  2. surface area
  3. conditions
  4. apparatus


MCQ: If more than one drug is used to treat specific illness, they can be mixed in

  1. common solvent
  2. different solvents
  3. oral dose
  4. one of above