Solar System Multiple Choice Questions 12 PDF Download

Learn solar system MCQs, grade 7 science test 12 for online learning courses and test prep, universe and solar system multiple choice questions and answers. Universe and solar system revision test includes science worksheets to learn for 7th grade life science.

Science multiple choice questions (MCQ): huge rocks which revolve around a star are called with choices asteroids, meteorites, stars and meteors, universe and solar system quiz for online cognitive learning with eLearning distance education portal with interactive learning styles. Free science study guide to learn universe and solar system quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Solar System Quiz PDF Download Worksheets 12

MCQ: Huge rocks which revolve around a star are called

  1. meteorites
  2. asteroids
  3. stars
  4. meteors


MCQ: Planet which is nearest to sun is

  1. Mercury
  2. Venus
  3. Earth
  4. Mars


MCQ: Average temperature of earth is

  1. 15?C
  2. 25?C
  3. 75?C
  4. 45?C


MCQ: A greenhouse gas is

  1. nitrogen
  2. oxygen
  3. carbon dioxide
  4. helium


MCQ: "percentage of total mass of sun" as compare to "the total mass of solar system" is

  1. 0.99
  2. 0.45
  3. 0.9
  4. 0.1