Reproduction in Plants Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 6 PDF Download

Learn reproduction in plants MCQs, grade 7 science test 6 for online learning courses and test prep. Seeds and seed dispersal multiple choice questions (MCQs), reproduction in plants quiz questions and answers include science worksheets for 7th grade advanced science worksheets.

Science multiple choice questions (MCQ): some plants have seeds with hooks for with options fertilization, pollination, dispersion and reproduction, seeds and seed dispersal quiz for online science jobs preparation with most common interview questions and answers. Free science study guide to learn seeds and seed dispersal quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Reproduction in Plants Worksheets 6 Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Some plants have seeds with hooks for

  1. pollination
  2. fertilization
  3. dispersion
  4. reproduction


MCQ: Surface of a stigma is often

  1. hairy
  2. greasy
  3. sticky
  4. dry


MCQ: If plants and animals do not reproduce, they would

  1. sick
  2. born
  3. change
  4. extinct


MCQ: After root has grown downwards, a small shoot grows upward, towards light. This shoot is known as

  1. radicle
  2. plumule
  3. stem
  4. cotyledon


MCQ: Pollen grains of bird pollinated flowers are

  1. lightweight and sticky
  2. lightweight and slippery
  3. huge and sticky
  4. huge and slippery