Physical and Chemical Changes Multiple Choice Questions 7 PDF Download

Learn physical and chemical changes MCQs, grade 7 science test 7 for online learning courses and test prep, polyvinyl chloride multiple choice questions and answers. Polyvinyl chloride revision test includes science worksheets to learn for common core history of science grade 7.

Science multiple choice questions (MCQ): to make pvc, molecules of vinyl chloride are with choices further heated, condensed, treated with ammonia and gathered to form a chain, polyvinyl chloride quiz for online teacher certification preparation with online training questions and answers. Free science study guide to learn polyvinyl chloride quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Physical and Chemical Changes Quiz PDF Download Worksheets 7

MCQ: To make PVC, molecules of vinyl chloride are

  1. condensed
  2. further heated
  3. treated with ammonia
  4. gathered to form a chain


MCQ: When particles cool down, energy changes

  1. from kinetic to heat
  2. from kinetic to potential
  3. from potential to kinetic
  4. from thermal to potential


MCQ: Color of magnesium oxide is

  1. white
  2. blue
  3. grey
  4. pink


MCQ: Ammonia fertilizers are made by two components, they are

  1. ammonia and hydrogen
  2. ammonia and nitric acid
  3. nitrogen and hydrogen
  4. nitrogen and water


MCQ: During chemical reaction, energy is

  1. taken in
  2. given out
  3. given out or taken in
  4. transferred