Feeding Relationships and Environment Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 5 PDF Download

Learn feeding relationships and environment MCQs, grade 7 science test 5 for online learning courses and test prep, dependence of living things multiple choice questions and answers. Dependence of living things revision test includes science worksheets to learn for grade 7 earth science exam prep.

Science multiple choice questions (MCQ): herbivores are always with options primary consumers, producers, secondary consumers and tertiary consumers, dependence of living things quiz with online tricky riddles for home schooling of private and public school students. Free science study guide to learn dependence of living things quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Feeding Relationships and Environment Quiz PDF Download Worksheets 5

MCQ: Herbivores are always

  1. producers
  2. primary consumers
  3. secondary consumers
  4. tertiary consumers


MCQ: Swollen stem of cactus is important to

  1. absorb more oxygen
  2. absorb more carbon dioxide
  3. absorb more water
  4. absorb more sunlight


MCQ: Plants growing in drier conditions tend to have small numbers of stomata on their lower leaf surface to save

  1. water loss
  2. stored sunlight
  3. to prevent itself from consumers
  4. energy loss


MCQ: To dig soil, moles have

  1. huge and sharp teeth
  2. short feet but sharp claws
  3. extra large feet and sharp claws
  4. small but sharp teeth


MCQ: An example of habitat is

  1. pond
  2. air
  3. atmosphere
  4. troposphere