Dispersion of Light Multiple Choice Questions Online 1 PDF eBook Download

Dispersion of light multiple choice questions (MCQs), dispersion of light quiz answers, test prep 1 to learn grade 7 science for online certificate programs. Practice refractive index MCQs, dispersion of light quiz questions and answers for virtual elementary school. Learn refractive index, refraction of light, total internal reflection, mirages, concave lens test prep for online study.

Learn science MCQs: refractive index of water is, with choices 0.5, 0.33, 1.5, and 1.33 for virtual elementary school. Free science study guide for online learning refractive index quiz questions for elementary school graduation certificate.

Dispersion of Light MCQs Quiz 1 PDF eBook Download

MCQ: Refractive index of water is

  1. 0.33
  2. 0.5
  3. 1.5
  4. 1.33


MCQ: If light enters any substance with refractive index, it is

  1. perpendicular
  2. at a certain angle
  3. parallel
  4. at critical angle


MCQ: Thin flexible glass rods to transfer data from one region to another are known as

  1. glass cables
  2. reflection fibers
  3. optical fibers
  4. copper fibers


MCQ: When light bends, it

  1. causes tricks in the air
  2. causes tricks on our eyes
  3. causes tricks on our brain
  4. damages our eyes


MCQ: Concave lens is also known as

  1. converging lens
  2. diverging lens
  3. dispersing lens
  4. conducting lens