Digestive System Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 4 PDF Book Download

Digestive system MCQs, digestive system quiz answers 4 to learn elementary school science courses online. Digestive system disorders multiple choice questions (MCQs), digestive system quiz questions and answers for online elementary education degree. Large molecules, digestive process, small molecules, digestion and absorption test for elementary school teaching certification.

Learn elementary school science multiple choice questions (MCQs): Large molecules, digestive process, small molecules, digestion and absorption, with choices space for more food, acidic medium for enzymes, alkaline medium for enzymes, and nutrients to food for online elementary education degree. Free science study guide for online learning digestive system disorders quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQ on Digestive System Worksheets 4 PDF Book Download

MCQ: Large molecules in food that we eat are

  1. carbohydrates and fats
  2. fats and proteins
  3. carbohydrates, fats and proteins
  4. carbohydrates and proteins


MCQ: Acid in stomach provides

  1. acidic medium for enzymes
  2. space for more food
  3. alkaline medium for enzymes
  4. nutrients to food


MCQ: Conversion of starch into glucose and other simple sugars is generally known as

  1. amylase
  2. maltase
  3. carbohydrate
  4. lipase


MCQ: To enter blood vessels, large molecules are

  1. burned
  2. digested
  3. ingested
  4. absorbed


MCQ: Amino acids are basically used for

  1. respiration
  2. photosynthesis
  3. growth and repair
  4. digestion