Movement of Earth Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 5 PDF Online Download

Practice movement of earth Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), movement of earth quiz answers, test prep 5 to learn grade 7 geography for online certificate programs. Earth revolution MCQs, movement of earth quiz questions and answers for virtual elementary school. Learn earth revolution, earth rotation, equator: geography test prep for online schools.

Learn geography MCQs: leap years have, with choices 29 days in february, 27 days in february, 28 days in february, and 26 days in february for virtual elementary school. Free geography study guide for online learning earth revolution quiz questions for online elementary school classes.

Movement of Earth MCQs Quiz 5 PDF Online Download

MCQ: Leap years have

  1. 27 days in February
  2. 29 days in February
  3. 28 days in February
  4. 26 days in February


MCQ: If Southern Hemisphere leans to Sun then season in Southern Hemisphere will be

  1. spring
  2. autumn
  3. winter
  4. summer


MCQ: Time Earth take to rotate is

  1. 38 hours
  2. 30 hours
  3. 12 hours
  4. 24 hours


MCQ: Day on which Northern and Southern hemispheres receives equal amount of sunlight is called

  1. Summer Solstice
  2. Spring Equinox
  3. Winter Solstice
  4. Autumnal Equinox


MCQ: Places that are located near Equator get

  1. more sunlight directly
  2. less sunlight directly
  3. less rain directly
  4. more snow directly