Map Skills Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 12 PDF Download

Map skills multiple choice questions (MCQs), map skills test prep 12 to learn online elementary school courses, distance learning for exam prep. Practice coordinated universal time (utc) multiple choice questions (MCQs), map skills quiz questions and answers for geography class for online geography degree courses distance learning.

Study elementary school geography multiple choice questions (MCQs): on maps, coordinated universal time (utc) is given, for online elementary education degree with options at the bottom of map, at the right of map, at the top of map, and at the left of map, coordinated universal time (utc) quiz with online student portal questions and answers to help in teaching strategies and teaching methods. Free geography study guide for online learning coordinated universal time (utc) quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQ on Map Skills Worksheets 12 Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: On maps, Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) is given

  1. at the right of map
  2. at the bottom of map
  3. at the top of map
  4. at the left of map


MCQ: Longitudes of Earth starts at

  1. 0° at Prime Latin
  2. 0° at Prime Arctic
  3. 0° at Prime Antarctica
  4. 0° at Prime Meridian


MCQ: Direction in which one should go to get one hour behind of local time is

  1. northwards
  2. southwards
  3. eastwards
  4. westwards


MCQ: Direction in which parallel lines encircles Earth is

  1. west-south direction
  2. east-north direction
  3. north-south direction
  4. east-west direction


MCQ: Latitude is marked on

  1. 25°
  2. 50°