Map Skills Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 7 PDF Online Download

Practice map skills Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), map skills quiz answers, test prep 7 to learn grade 7 geography for online certificate programs. Latitudes MCQs, map skills quiz questions and answers for online classes. Learn maps and photographs, longitudes, time zones test prep for distance learning classes.

Learn geography MCQs: color of infrared images that represent little vegetation cover areas is, with choices pink-red, yellow, red-magenta, and white-cream for online classes. Free geography study guide for online learning latitudes quiz questions for online school classes.

Map Skills MCQs Quiz 7 PDF Online Download

MCQ: Color of infrared images that represent little vegetation cover areas is

  1. yellow
  2. pink-red
  3. red-magenta
  4. white-cream


MCQ: Places lying in Eastern Hemisphere see sunlight before Western Hemisphere because Earth rotates from

  1. south to north
  2. west to east
  3. east to west
  4. north to south


MCQ: Considering longitudes, degrees of International Date Line are

  1. 120°W
  2. 180°
  3. 150°E


MCQ: According to Sir Sandford Fleming, degrees of longitudes by which 24 time zones are divided is

  1. 25° of longitude
  2. 5° of longitude
  3. 10° of longitude
  4. 15° of longitude


MCQ: Sections of landscape photographs does not include

  1. middle ground
  2. caption ground
  3. foreground
  4. background