Map Skills Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 3 PDF Book Download

Map skills multiple choice questions (MCQs), map skills quiz answers, test prep 3 to learn online elementary school courses for geography degree. Longitudes MCQs, map skills quiz questions and answers for online elementary education degree. Learn longitudes, time zones, latitudes, maps and photographs, prime meridian test prep for elementary school teaching certification.

Learn elementary school geography MCQs: longitudes, time zones, latitudes, maps and photographs, prime meridian, with choices father of geography, father of standard time, father of maps, and father of universal time for online elementary education degree. Free geography study guide for online learning longitudes quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Map Skills Worksheets 3 PDF Book Download

MCQ: Calendar days of Eastern and Western Hemispheres are separated by

  1. Arctic Date Line
  2. Antarctic Date Line
  3. Latin Date line
  4. International Date Line


MCQ: Canadian engineer Sir Alexander Fleming is also known as

  1. Father of standard time
  2. Father of geography
  3. Father of maps
  4. Father of universal time


MCQ: Value of latitudes increases as we move

  1. away from Equator
  2. towards the Equator
  3. towards the poles
  4. away from poles


MCQ: Energy that is not seen by eyes and is recorded from surface of Earth is called

  1. zonal energy
  2. meridian energy
  3. infrared energy
  4. false energy


MCQ: By moving eastwards from Prime Meridian, longitudes are measured as

  1. 50°E to 100°E
  2. 90°E to 180°W
  3. 0°E to 180°W
  4. 0°E to 180°E