Sense Organ and Senses Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 18 PDF Download

Learn sense organ and senses MCQs, grade 6 science test 18 for online learning courses and test prep. Eyes and light multiple choice questions (MCQs), sense organ and senses quiz questions and answers include science worksheets for 6th grade advanced science.

Science multiple choice questions (MCQ): front part of eye is called with options iris, retina, cornea and pupil, eyes and light quiz for online science jobs preparation with most common interview questions and answers. Free science study guide to learn eyes and light quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Sense Organ and Senses Worksheets 18 Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Front part of eye is called

  1. retina
  2. iris
  3. cornea
  4. pupil


MCQ: Nose is organ that helps us to distinguish between

  1. temperature
  3. tastes
  4. smells


MCQ: Sense of touch on skin is composed of

  1. two layers
  2. four layers
  3. three layers
  4. five layers


MCQ: Sclerotic is also known as

  1. yellow spot
  2. sclera
  3. cornea
  4. pupil


MCQ: Apparatus in inner ear is compose of vestibular shell and

  1. two semi-circular canals
  2. four semi-circular canals
  3. three semi-circular canals
  4. circular canal