Plant Photosynthesis and Respiration Multiple Choice Questions 8 PDF Download

Learn plant photosynthesis and respiration MCQs, grade 6 science test 8 for online learning courses and test prep, science facts for kids multiple choice questions and answers. Science facts for kids revision test includes science worksheets to learn for 6th grade science problems online free.

Science multiple choice questions (MCQ): gaseous exchange in plants take place through with choices cuticle, epidermis, lenticel and stomata, science facts for kids quiz with online student portal questions to ask to help in teaching methods and teaching strategies. Free science study guide to learn science facts for kids quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Plant Photosynthesis and Respiration Quiz PDF Download Worksheets 8

MCQ: Gaseous exchange in plants take place through

  1. epidermis
  2. cuticle
  3. lenticel
  4. stomata


MCQ: Process for metabolism, energy and reproduction is generally known as

  1. photosynthesis
  2. respiration
  3. transpiration
  4. organism


MCQ: Tiny opening surrounded by guard cells under leaf is known as

  1. stigma
  2. stomata
  3. leaves
  4. pollen grain


MCQ: Plants are known as purifiers of air due to process of

  1. desiccation
  2. photosynthesis
  3. respiration
  4. transpiration


MCQ: Kingdom in which photosynthesis can take place is

  1. plant
  2. animal
  3. plant and animal
  4. fungi