Plant Growth Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 1 PDF Online Download

Practice plant growth Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), plant growth quiz answers, test prep 1 to learn grade 6 science for online certificate programs. Plants growth MCQs, plant growth quiz questions and answers for distance learning. Learn plants growth, plants and nutrients, insectivorous plants test prep for online classes.

Learn science MCQs: carbon dioxide enters a leaf of a plant via, with choices stem, stomata, roots, and flowers for distance learning. Free science study guide for online learning plants growth quiz questions for taking online classes.

Plant Growth MCQs Quiz 1 PDF Online Download

MCQ: Carbon dioxide enters a leaf of a plant via

  1. stomata
  2. stem
  3. roots
  4. flowers


MCQ: Carbon dioxide is given to plants for their food production from

  1. air
  2. soil
  3. water
  4. fertilizers


MCQ: Fertilizers which come from living things like animal dung, compost, fish and bone meals are

  1. organic fertilizers
  2. inorganic fertilizers
  3. low fertilizers
  4. complex fertilizers


MCQ: Function of roots includes

  1. absorb water from soil
  2. absorb nutrients from soil
  3. anchor plant
  4. all of these


MCQ: Insectivorous plants can prepare their own food because they have

  1. chlorophyll
  2. leaves
  3. stem
  4. roots