Physical Quantities and Measurements Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 7 PDF Download

Multiple choice questions on physical quantities and measurements, learn online elementary school science online prep 7 for online courses, distance learning for exam prep. Practice measuring mass multiple choice questions (MCQs), physical quantities and measurements quiz questions and answers for science class for sixth grade science practice tests.

Study elementary school science multiple choice questions (MCQs): sum of amount of matter in a substance is called its, for online elementary education degree with options weight, mass, length, and volume, measuring mass quiz with online teaching aids and teaching resources to teach daily science for kids. Free science study guide for online learning measuring mass quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQ on Physical Quantities and Measurements Worksheets 7 Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Sum of amount of matter in a substance is called its

  1. mass
  2. weight
  3. length
  4. volume


MCQ: Amount of 1 liter contains

  1. 100ml
  2. 1000ml
  3. 10mm
  4. 10kg


MCQ: 10,000 m/sec is speed of a

  1. aero plane
  2. rocket
  3. satellite signal
  4. car


MCQ: Kilo means in SI is one

  1. thousand
  2. hundred
  3. ten
  4. million


MCQ: Smallest division which is found in a measuring tape is

  1. 1mm
  2. 10mm
  3. 5mm
  4. 0mm