Habitat and Food Chain Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 9 PDF Download

Learn habitat and food chain multiple choice questions, grade 6 science online test 9 for elementary school degree online courses, distance learning for exam prep. Practice animals and plants habitat multiple choice questions (MCQs), habitat and food chain quiz questions and answers for science class for 6th grade science worksheets online.

Study elementary school science multiple choice questions (MCQs): mangoes and berries are eaten with discard of seed and it is dispersed by, for free online courses with choices insects, animals, birds, and fish, animals and plants habitat quiz with online student portal questions and answers to help in teaching strategies and teaching methods. Free science study guide for online learning animals and plants habitat quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Habitat and Food Chain Worksheets 9 Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Mangoes and berries are eaten with discard of seed and it is dispersed by

  1. animals
  2. insects
  3. birds
  4. fish


MCQ: A series of organisms through which energy is transferred in form of food is called a

  1. food group
  2. food chain
  3. food cycle
  4. key chain


MCQ: Thick and fleshy stem of cactus can store

  1. water
  2. food
  3. seed
  4. nutrients


MCQ: Pollination is done by

  1. insects and animals
  2. wind
  3. humans
  4. all of them


MCQ: Leaves of cactus are adapted to reduce water loss by turning into

  1. needles
  2. spines
  3. both a and b
  4. flowers