Atoms Molecules Mixtures and Compounds Multiple Choice Questions 14 PDF Download

Learn atoms molecules mixtures and compounds MCQs, grade 6 science test 14 for learning online courses and test prep, interesting science facts multiple choice questions and answers. Interesting science facts revision test includes science worksheets to learn for grade 6 science tutor questions with answers.

Science multiple choice questions (MCQ) on number of metallic elements in periodic table is close to with choices forty, twenty, sixty and fifty, interesting science facts quiz for competitive exam prep, summative and formative assessment interview questions with answers key. Free science study guide to learn interesting science facts quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Atoms Molecules Mixtures and Compounds Quiz PDF Download Worksheets 14

MCQ. Number of metallic elements in periodic table is close to

  1. twenty
  2. forty
  3. sixty
  4. fifty


MCQ. A soft, ductile and malleable metal with high conductivity of heat and electricity is

  1. silver
  2. copper
  3. nickel
  4. iron


MCQ. Water contains two hydrogen atoms and one

  1. oxygen atom
  2. carbon atom
  3. nitrogen atom
  4. neon atom


MCQ. Process used to obtain solute from a solution is known as

  1. sublimation
  2. distillation
  3. filtration
  4. evaporation


MCQ. Obtaining sea salt from sea water is an example of

  1. magnetism
  2. evaporation
  3. sublimation
  4. distillation