Air and Atmosphere Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 4

Learn air and atmosphere MCQs, grade 6 science test 4 for online learning courses and test prep. Air and processes multiple choice questions (MCQs), air and atmosphere quiz questions and answers include science worksheets for class 6 science practice tests.

Science multiple choice questions (MCQ): in fish, respiration takes place through with options lungs, gills, throat and tail, air and processes quiz for online science learning with science portal to answers the questions to ask. Free science study guide to learn air and processes quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Air and Atmosphere Worksheets 4 Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: In fish, respiration takes place through

  1. gills
  2. lungs
  3. throat
  4. tail


MCQ: Air solubility of water is defined as ability of air to be dissolved in

  1. space
  2. container
  3. gas
  4. water


MCQ: Rust is actually

  1. iron oxide
  2. hydro oxide
  3. nitro oxide
  4. none of them


MCQ: When a gas is cooled or compressed it becomes a

  1. solid
  2. gas
  3. liquid
  4. semi-solid


MCQ: Mixture important for human life and combustion is

  1. carbon
  2. air
  3. zinc
  4. nitrogen