Air and Atmosphere Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 1

Air and atmosphere Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), air and atmosphere quiz answers, test prep 1 to learn grade 6 science for online certificate programs. Fractional distillation of air MCQs, air and atmosphere quiz questions and answers for distance education. Learn fractional distillation of air, composition of air, gas properties and air test prep for online certificate courses.

Learn science MCQs: nitrogen is obtained from fractional distillation of liquefied air at about, with choices 186°c, 196°c, 176°c, and 166°c for distance education. Free science study guide for online learning fractional distillation of air quiz questions for free online classes.

Air and Atmosphere MCQs Quiz 1 PDF Online Download

MCQ: Nitrogen is obtained from fractional distillation of liquefied air at about

  1. 196°C
  2. 186°C
  3. 176°C
  4. 166°C


MCQ: A greenhouse gas that absorbs energy and maintains earth's temperature is

  1. carbon dioxide
  2. oxygen
  3. nitrogen
  4. argon


MCQ: Main constituent in air is

  1. nitrogen
  2. oxygen
  3. argon
  4. water vapor


MCQ: On cooling, a liquid will be changed into

  1. dense
  2. solid
  3. semi-solid
  4. liquid


MCQ: Combustion cannot take place without

  1. water
  2. carbon
  3. air
  4. zinc