Geometrical Concepts and Properties Multiple Choice Questions 2 PDF Download

Learn geometrical concepts and properties MCQs, grade 6 math test 2 for online learning courses and test prep, line rays and segments multiple choice questions and answers. Line rays and segments revision test includes math worksheets to learn for grade 6 math contest questions.

Math multiple choice questions (MCQ): any line segment can be formed by joining with options three points, two points, four points and more than three points, line rays and segments quiz with virtual academy portal for online learning of mid term and final exams preparation. Free math study guide to learn line rays and segments quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Geometrical Concepts and Properties Quiz PDF Download Worksheets 2

MCQ: Any line segment can be formed by joining

  1. two points
  2. three points
  3. four points
  4. more than three points


MCQ: Out of following, one angle which is obtuse is

  1. 11⁄21 of a right angle
  2. 11⁄21 of a complete rotation
  3. 8⁄20 of a complete rotation
  4. 8⁄20 of a right angle


MCQ: Angle which is less than 90° is called

  1. reflex angle
  2. acute angle
  3. obtuse angle
  4. right angle


MCQ: Out of following options, two angles that are together classified as complementary angles are

  1. 120° and 60°
  2. 50° and 30°
  3. 65° and 25°
  4. 70° and 30°


MCQ: When two rays meet each other at a certain point then the

  1. line segment is formed
  2. line is formed
  3. angle is formed
  4. all of above