Weather and Climate Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 9 PDF Online Download

Practice weather and climate Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), weather and climate quiz answers, test prep 9 to learn grade 6 geography for online certificate programs. Temperate climate MCQs, weather and climate quiz questions and answers for online teaching certification programs. Learn temperate climate, factors affecting climate, units of measure, elements of weather test prep for online courses.

Learn geography MCQs: cool temperate climate is in areas that occurs in, with choices western hemisphere, eastern hemisphere, northern hemisphere, and southern hemisphere for online teaching certification programs. Free geography study guide for online learning temperate climate quiz questions for distance learning classes.

Weather and Climate MCQs Quiz 9 PDF Online Download

MCQ: Cool temperate climate is in areas that occurs in

  1. eastern hemisphere
  2. western hemisphere
  3. northern hemisphere
  4. southern hemisphere


MCQ: Considering seasons, land is hotter than sea in

  1. summer
  2. spring
  3. autumn
  4. winter


MCQ: Unit of measurement to measure speed of wind is

  1. m/h
  2. km/h
  3. m/s
  4. km/s


MCQ: Type of clouds which is formed at high altitude is classified as

  1. cirrus clouds
  2. Stevenson clouds
  3. cumulus clouds
  4. stratus clouds


MCQ: Factor on which kind of precipitation depends is

  1. percentage of greenhouse gases
  2. water saturation
  3. air pressure
  4. air temperature