Climate and Natural Vegetation Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 15 PDF Download

Learn climate and natural vegetation MCQs, grade 6 geography test 15 for online learning courses and test prep. Earth main ecosystems multiple choice questions (MCQs), climate and natural vegetation quiz questions and answers include geography worksheets for online human geography courses distance learning.

Geography multiple choice questions (MCQ): layer of rain forest which keep forest moist, cool and dark is classified as with options coniferous layer, canopy layer, deciduous layer and cacti layer, earth main ecosystems quiz for mock interview questions and answers with online learning network portal for assessment. Free geography study guide to learn earth main ecosystems quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Climate and Natural Vegetation Worksheets 15 Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Layer of rain forest which keep forest moist, cool and dark is classified as

  1. canopy layer
  2. coniferous layer
  3. deciduous layer
  4. cacti layer


MCQ: Root system in temperate grasslands is

  1. buttress root system
  2. dormant root system
  3. shallow root system
  4. deep root system


MCQ: Example of tree that store water in swollen trunks is

  1. pine tree
  2. baobab tree
  3. spruce tree
  4. fir tree


MCQ: Name of tree in cold tundra vegetation is

  1. Dwarf Willow
  2. Dwarf Acacia
  3. Dwarf Sycamore
  4. Dwarf Teak


MCQ: Annual rainfall in areas of tropical rainforests is

  1. 3,500 millimeters
  2. 2,000 millimeters
  3. 4,000 millimeters
  4. 2,500 millimeters